Tiara Cameron, Mother of 3<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Model, Author, Aerial Artist, Trainer
Tiara Cameron, Mother of 3
Model, Author, Athlete, Lifestyle Expert

Womens Protein

Your fastest way to the permanently fit body of your dreams

My name is Tiara Cameron, and before having children I was a model. After having 3 children in quick succession, gaining 45 lbs. of baby weight and navigating a divorce, I found myself an exhausted, unhappy, overweight single mother.

I was trying to keep up with work, laundry, play dates, permission slips and PTA meetings. I had less time for myself than ever before and was in the worst physical shape of my life.

I decided it was time for a change. I spent hours on treadmills, tried eating next to nothing, and wondered why I wasn’t getting thinner and tighter. Maybe you’re doing the same thing right now – many of the women who consult with me are. I was desperate to change, but I couldn’t seem to get to my dream body.

Fed up, I stopped everything and decided to find out once and for all how to lose weight, increase my energy, and look as good as I did in my 20s.


What I discovered literally changed my life forever.

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The secret?  All those things the magazines tell us, all those things we think we know about?  Myths.  Every one of them.  Myths like:

Those are some of the most common misconceptions. I believed them at one time too, and many of the women I speak to each week believe those myths when I first speak to them.

I discovered that the science behind what is fact and fiction regarding a woman’s body, and that knowledge freed me from endless hours of cardio and time-consuming extreme diets. I stopped wasting time and became empowered!

Womens protein transformed my body

Protein intake was the biggest factor that allowed me to do it faster than I ever imagined.  I developed a lifestyle, not a diet or exercise regime, that works for women of any weight or age.

I discovered that Womens Protein is essential for…

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  • Building lean muscle, which helps with losing body fat
  • Speeding muscle recovery and helps you keep the muscle you build
  • Keeping the body’s immune system functioning properly.
  • Aids those with diabetes and helps lower insulin levels in the blood
  • Assists in strengthening bone density
  • Maintaining proper hormone levels

Womens Protein has been the key to my food-freedom!  Who cares about the 250-calorie candy bar I had at lunch. . . my hamstring muscle just took care of burning that while I sat in my car waiting to pick up my children from school.  Most women I talk to think they will bulk up like a man if they build muscle.  This isn’t the case.

After becoming a fitness model and personal trainer, I enjoyed sharing what I learned to empower other women to be able to achieve a body they never thought possibly. I share my Story, my System and my Lifestyle with women during my One-on-One Phone and Video Skype Consultations, and help women customize workouts and nutrition plans to fit their lifestyles and individual needs. When I help women apply the Lifestyle I discovered to their own lives, they achieve amazing results!

In addition, I developed The Tiara Transformation System to explain how it all works.

The Diary contains:

I have never been healthier than I am now.  The lifestyle I live is one that is flexible and adapts to all the changes and hurdles life brings.  I built the Womens Protein website to share what I have learned with other women and send the message: If I can do it, you can too!

Let’s start the journey together.  I want you to enjoy the freedom I now enjoy.  Find out why building muscle won’t make you bulky, why eating more won’t make you fat, and why you don’t really want to be thinner… really!


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