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About Tiara Cameron

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About Tiara Cameron

Fitness Lifestyle Expert, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Author, Athlete, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Model, Over-40 Mother-of-3

Tiara Cameron is based in Salt Lake City, Utah currently and travels nationally and internationally as the founder and CEO of Women’s Protein, an organization dedicated to empowering women to embrace a lifestyle of building stronger bodies and body images, instead of depleting themselves to fit imaginary ideals. The daughter of a university professor, and one of the eldest in a family of seven children, she learned the value of building a strong body in her years of athletics and college scholarship for ballroom dancing. As a single mother of three exceptional children, she has developed a “fit-lifestyle” anyone can follow.

Her message of Emancipation, not Emaciation has helped women recover from eating disorders, discover their inner athletes, and free themselves from harmful self-images that keep them from actively participating in the world. She is a motivational speaker and a published author. She works with both male and female athletes who need to re-train after injuries, and focuses on a formula of building lean body strength to help them recover.

Cameron is also a Director of Footsteps for Africa, an organization that builds schools and provides clothing for at-risk children in Namibia. The organization was developed to meet gaps that were not served by existing humanitarian efforts. In Africa especially, there is a crushing corruption that plagues many non-profits, and Footsteps for Africa steps in to fill the gap by operating in a 100% transparent way, allowing people who want to help out internationally but are wary of supporting potentially corrupt organizations a way to contribute mindfully.  Tiara is also a participant in NOVUS Summit every year at the UN and a supporter of their 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Regarding health and Fitness, here are the common MYTHS the media perpetuates that Tiara debunks:

Those are some of the most common misconceptions. I believed them at one time too, and many of the women I speak to each week believe those myths when I first speak to them. I discovered that the science behind what is fact and fiction regarding a woman’s body, and that knowledge freed me from endless hours of cardio and time-consuming extreme diets. I stopped wasting time and became empowered!

This Is My Story

My name is Tiara Cameron, and before having children I was a model. After having 3 children in quick succession, gaining 45 lbs. of baby weight and navigating a divorce, I found myself an exhausted, unhappy, overweight single mother. I was trying to keep up with work, laundry, play dates, permission slips and PTA meetings and spending enough time with my children. I had less time for myself than ever before and was in the worst physical shape of my life. I decided it was time for a change. I spent hours on treadmills, tried eating next to nothing, and wondered why I wasn’t getting thinner and tighter. I was desperate to change, but after some weight loss I plateauxed and couldn’t seem to get any further. Having a body better than the one I had in my 20′s was not even an option I allowed myself to consider. Fed up, I stopped everything and decided to find out once and for all how to lose weight, increase my energy, and look as good as I did in my 20s.

Tiara Protein Powder transformed my body

Protein consumption was the biggest factor that allowed me to do it faster than I ever imagined. I developed a lifestyle, not a diet or exercise regime, that works for women of any weight or age. I discovered that high quality Protein is essential for…

  • Building lean muscle, which helps with losing body fat
  • Speeding muscle recovery and helps you keep the muscle you build
  • Keeping the body’s immune system functioning properly
  • Aids those with diabetes and helps lower insulin levels in the blood
  • Assists in strengthening bone density
  • Maintaining healthy beautiful hair and nails
  • Maintaining proper hormone levels

Protein and proper workouts led to the lean muscle that has been the key to my food-freedom! Who cares about the 250-calorie candy bar I had at lunch. . . my hamstring muscle just took care of burning that while I sat in my car waiting to pick up my children from school. Most women I talk to think they will bulk up like a man if they build muscle. This isn’t the case.

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