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About Tiara Cameron



About Tiara Cameron

Hedge Fund Partner, Chair of Board of Directors Footsteps For Africa non-profit, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Entrepreneur, Model, Over-45, Mother-of-3

Tiara Cameron is based in Salt Lake City, Utah currently and travels nationally and internationally as a parter in a hedge fund, the Chair of the Board of Directors of Footsteps For Africa, the creator of Tiara Protein Powder. The daughter of a university professor, and one of the eldest in a family of seven children, she learned the value of building a strong body in her years of athletics and college scholarship for ballroom dancing. As a single mother of three exceptional children, she has developed a healthy lifestyle anyone can follow.

Cameron is Chair of the Board of Directors of Footsteps for Africa, an organization that builds schools and provides clothing for at-risk children in Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The organization was developed to meet gaps that were not served by existing humanitarian efforts. In Africa especially, there is a crushing corruption that plagues many non-profits, and Footsteps for Africa steps in to fill the gap by operating in a 100% transparent way, allowing people who want to help out internationally but are wary of supporting potentially corrupt organizations a way to contribute mindfully.

Regarding health and Fitness, here are the common MYTHS the media perpetuates that Tiara debunks:

Those are some of the most common misconceptions. I believed them at one time too, and many of the women I speak to each week believe those myths when I first speak to them. I discovered that the science behind what is fact and fiction regarding a woman’s body, and that knowledge freed me from endless hours of cardio and time-consuming extreme diets. I stopped wasting time and became empowered!


Tiara Protein Powder transformed my body

Protein consumption was the biggest factor that allowed me to do it faster than I ever imagined. I developed a lifestyle, not a diet or exercise regime, that works for women of any weight or age. I discovered that high quality Protein is essential for…

  • Building lean muscle, which helps with losing body fat
  • Speeding muscle recovery and helps you keep the muscle you build
  • Keeping the body’s immune system functioning properly
  • Aids those with diabetes and helps lower insulin levels in the blood
  • Assists in strengthening bone density
  • Maintaining healthy beautiful hair and nails
  • Maintaining proper hormone levels

Protein and proper workouts led to the lean muscle that has been the key to my food-freedom! Who cares about the 250-calorie candy bar I had at lunch. . . my hamstring muscle just took care of burning that while I sat in my chair at the office. Most women I talk to think they will bulk up like a man if they build muscle. This isn’t the case.

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Tiara Protein Powder

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