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With Alcohol Fitness Progress Slows

Alcohol and fitnessThere’s no way around it – With alcohol fitness improvements can slow or go backward, even if you are doing everything else right! There is a lot of evidence and research showing even minimal amounts of alcohol in your system slow down your ability to reach a higher level of fitness and a tight, fit, healthy body.

The Alcohol Fitness Facts:

  • EMPTY CALORIES – Alcohol contains no nutritional value and contains “empty calories”. Your body needs nutrient dense food for optimal heath and alcohol doesn’t have any nutrients.
  • SLOWS METABOLISM – Since your body cannot store alcohol, it is forced to metabolize it right away making others metabolic processes take a back seat. This means your body becomes less efficient with alcohol in your system and burns fewer calories.
  • FAT BURNING STUNTED by 73% – Studies show drinking only 24 grams of alcohol can decrease your body’s whole lipid oxidation, or your body’s ability to burn fat by 73%! Yikes! When alcohol passes through the liver, a by-product called Acetate is produced which inhibits fat burning in the body. This means that your body will start storing more fat instead of burning it during the time even a small amount of alcohol is in your system.
  • INCREASED APPETITE – A recent study shows alcohol consumption results in an increase in a person’s appetite more than other types of drinks. Drinking alcohol is statistically a “social thing” done with other people and often is accompanied with higher amounts of food consumption also, so the odds are the food will be around and your appetite will increase!
  • DECREASES A MAN’S TESTOSTERONE – When men drink alcohol it can decrease their production of testosterone and increase their production of cortisone, which is a hormone that destroys muscle. Besides effecting a man’s sex drive and performance ability, it can also affect his weight and ability to maintain muscle tone.
  • INHIBITS VITAMIN & MINERAL ABSORPTION – Consumption of alcohol also inhibits the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. The liver becomes occupied with turning alcohol into acetate and an increased amount of vitamins and minerals end up going straight to the detoxification process. Alcohol interferes with your body’s ability to absorb many nutrients.
  • CAN CAUSE DEHYDRATION – Alcohol is a diuretic, which can cause an increase in urination and therefore can cause dehydration. Lack of proper amounts of fluids in the body can inhibit muscle repair and impair your fitness program.
  • PERMANENT BODY DAMAGE – Excessive drinking can damage nerve endings, slow down the central nervous system and depress nerve cells in the brain. Large doses can cause respiratory failure, a coma or even death.

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Is it worth it to drink? 

alcohol slows fat loss

Only you can decide: it’s a personal decision that is best made when you know all the facts. Alcohol is labeled 7.1 calories/gram but lacks any substantive nutritional value for our bodies. Although a glass of wine is nice with dinner, the “pleasant” effects you feel go away much faster than the negative effects it has on your body.

It’s simple: how much do you want to be Fit, Tight, Strong and Healthy?

With alcohol fitness progress lows down. I don’t advocate giving up any foods or alcohol you enjoy, as long as you consume them in moderation and you EARN the ability to consume them in advance with regular weight training and a high protein diet.

Your fitness expectations need to fall in line with the food and alcohol you consume as well. It’s common sense that eating a chili dog and a beer is not necessarily the best choice to achieving optimal fitness and won’t add to your improved health. Keep that in mind when your make choices about what you put into your body. Much like the negative effects of smoking on the body. It’s a fact that with alcohol fitness progress will be affected.

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