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Building Lean Muscle

Looking Great In Your Skinny Jeans

If you’re like most women, you think that building muscle will make you bulky. Let me show you why building lean muscle will have you in those skinny jeans in no time!

Debunking the Great Myth of Cardio

Women concentrate so much on trying to shrink themselves by doing cardio for hours and drastically cutting down their calorie intake. It doesn’t work! I know, because I once believed the same thing. I felt it was “safer” to rely on cardio.

After having children I kept telling myself I just needed to get skinny instead of stronger. To me, weights and protein reminded me of body builders and I didn’t want to look like that.

Cardio helped me lose some weight but I was still jiggly, exhausted, my tush was flat but wide and my cellulite was going nowhere!

After wasting my time on torturous cardio and diets that can’t be sustained forever, I finally researched the science behind how my body works. I didn’t want a skinny flat tush covered in cellulite. I wanted a tight, shapely frame!

But . . . after three children, was it possible? I decided to investigate.

great tush with a weightBuilding Lean Muscle: The Hidden Fat-Burner

I learned that a pound of lean muscle burns 60-70 calories per day while a pound of fat burns 5 calories per day. I learned that a pound of muscle takes up 1/3 the room in your body than 1 pound of fat. So by building muscle (actually adding pounds of lean muscle) I actually weighed more but was tighter and smaller than I had ever been. That muscle needs fuel to stay in your body so my body was burning more calories than ever before.  I was leaner and also had food freedom to start eating some of the thing I thought I would never be able to eat and stay lean.  I increased the percentage of lean muscle in my body and that SHRINK-WRAPPED my body . . . and it felt great!

How did I do it? By concentrating on getting strong as opposed to concentrating on “burning” or “losing”. By building lean muscle, without the testosterone levels of a man, I learned that I just got tighter and smaller, but had less fat and more energy. Cardio is the side dish not the entree.

The Secret Fear We All Have

Scared of getting BIG? I was too. The I read the studies and learned the science. Without the male hormone testosterone coursing through our bodies like men have, women do not bulk up. Instead, they get smaller, tighter, and they turn into fat-burning machines.

How do you do it? Muscle is made of protein. So in order to build it, you need to consume 1 pound of protein for every pound of body weight.  That’s a lot more protein than most women eat on a daily basis.  Protein Supplements are the easiest way to ensure you are consuming enough and they are delicious and convenient with lots of choices.

Consuming enough protein every day to build and maintain my lean muscle is the foundation of fitness that can be sustained for a lifetime. There are a variety of methods of building lean muscle, and I use a combination of weight training, resistance training and outdoor activities.

Find the activities that you like and do them 4 times per week for a healthy schedule.

Some women are actually stronger than men but do not look it because their muscles are dense and strong but not swollen and inflated like a man’s. I am a size 2 dress but can leg press 1000 lbs! See my Videos for proof! The health benefits of muscle in your body are many: increased bone density, energy levels, improved immune system, the list goes on.

Train for Go and Not Show!

The best bodies out there, regardless of size or age, are athletes! These are people whose bodies can do things! They can perform! When your body can do well-rounded physical things it will look its best! So whether you are interested in activities that make women stronger than men, or not, the changes and definition that can be achieved in your body with an increased percentage of lean muscle in your body is amazing! Make your muscles hurt and get exhausted in order to get them stronger. The changes in your body will make it all worth it!

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