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The Facts about Low Carb Diet High Low Protein Diet

Many people are concerned about trying to get on either a low carb diet high low protein diet or another type of specialized eating plan to lose weight. I recommend a high protein diet and proper training to build lean muscle, lose fat and maintain a healthy physique for life. Here’s what every person should know about carbohydrates and protein-rich foods.

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First of all, you need both, along with a moderate amount of healthy fats to have a well-balanced diet. In the 1990s, very low fat diets were being promoted. The thought was that you could force your body to burn stored fat for energy and for other purposes by eliminating dietary fat.

As it turned out, eliminating dietary fat didn’t work that well for long-term weight loss. Dietary fats are satiating. They help you feel full faster. If you make healthy fat choices (olive oil for example) and use moderate amounts (no more than 30% of your total caloric intake), you will find that dietary fat works for you, not against you. The healthy fats can actually promote the release of fats that are stored on your body.

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A carb diet high low protein eating plan will also work against you. Proteins are essential for building and repairing cellular structures, tissues and muscle. When you work out, as you should, you stress your muscles into growing. But they cannot grow if there are not enough protein rich foods in your diet. The optimal amount of protein to consume is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, per day.

A balanced diet would include protein-rich foods and complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, fresh fruit, berries and vegetables of course. The carbohydrates that need to be limited are simple sugars and processed grains that cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Blood sugar spikes can eventually damage all of the cells of your body.

It doesn’t make much sense to choose a carb high low protein recipe unless you feel that you have already met your body’s protein needs for the day. Protein supplements are a great way to consume enough protein for the day without consuming too many calories.

On the other hand a very low carbohydrate high protein diet is not the best choice. Balance is the real key to good health, i.e. getting the fat off of your body, becoming strong and muscular, having a healthy cardiovascular system and minimizing aging throughout your body.

It is hard to generalize about just how many grams of carbohydrates, proteins and fats a person needs every day. People need different amounts of calories. You can generalize to a certain extent about the percentage of calories that should be derived from the main nutrient groups, also known by nutritionists as the “macronutrients”.

The percentage recommended by many nutritionists does lean slightly towards carbs with 40% of total calories from carbs and 30% from proteins. But to split it evenly at 35% and 35% is also appropriate. When you are working out and trying to build muscle, you may need as much as 40% of your total calories to come from proteins.

The low or high carb diet high low protein diets and other faddish eating plans do not work for most people over the long term. Balanced diets are the ones that work for people. It can be difficult to plan healthy eating menus but there is lots of help available today.