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Compare Whey Protein Brands

Confused by the whey protein types listed on the labels of protein powder supplements? Here is a quick breakdown of each of the most common types of whey protein supplements: Isolate, Concentrate, Blend and Hydrolysate

Type of Protein


Quality Score


Top Brands

Whey Protein IsolateTiara Protein women Purest form of whey protein, highest absorption rate, easy to digest, naturally fat free lactose free a+ Highest because it is the highest Quality, contains no fat or carbs Tiara Protein Powder
Whey Protein Concentratearia-suplement Concentrated protein and the quality varies with lower end versions used in pre- packaged foods. Highest presence of hormones from dairy cows than other whey types b+ Cheapest because it is the lowest quality and contains some fat and carbs (to remove them costs more) Aria, Delight
Whey Protein BlendScreen Shot 2014-09-18 at 6.36.40 AM Mix of different types of whey protein based on manufacturer choice, can be hard to digest and cause bloat c+ Low because they usually use mostly he cheapest ingredient blended with Isolate to be able to say it contains isolate Dymatize Whey Protein Blend
Whey Protein HydrolysateScreen Shot 2014-09-18 at 6.39.43 AM Further processing of whey protein isolate often known as “predigested” protein, doesn’t taste very good d+ High because it takes extra processing to produce Lean Muscle Whey by Inner Armour

When you compare whey protein types it easy to see that the better value for your money is pure whey protein isolate. Not only does your body absorb the most of this type of protein (high bioavailability means high absorption rate into the body), but in addition whey protein isolate is a lactose free way to increase your protein consumption. Pure whey protein islolate contains no fat and no carbs like the cheaper forms of protein like whey protein blends and whey protein concentrate.

The cheaper forms of protein are easier to flavor and make tasty without the carbs and fat removed. Tiara Protein Powder is one of the only whey protein isolate powders on the market that consumers rate at the top tasting protein even though it does not contain carbs or fat.

Many studies show the health benefits of whey protein consumption and also support its effectiveness in fat loss. Since protein is the second most plentiful substance in our bodies (everything from muscle, skin, organs and nails are made from it) and its also a “macro-nutrient” meaning our bodies need a lot of it very day to function properly, its important that we consume optimal amounts each day.  On average most people are protein deficient every day for optimal body health.  Your body can get by without the optimum amount of protein, however, there will be negative side effects like a strain on your organs, lack of speed in body repair and a slower metabolism.

Eating high protein foods is excellent but frequently it is difficult to consume enough protein and keep the calories low enough for optimum body and metabolic performance.  Supplementing with high quality protein supplements has proven to be an easy and effective method for increasing daily protein consumption amounts.  Studies show that a general guideline to shoot for is to con sue 1-gram of protein, per pound of body weight, per day.  Therefore if you weight 150 lbs you should try to consume 150 gram of protein per day.  many athletes consume 2-3 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day.  This would be very difficult to do without protein supplementation.

For women, without the hormone testosterone that men have which helps them build muscle faster, it is even more important to consume enough protein to build muscle.  Why? Studies show 1-lb of muscle burns between 60-70 calories a day in your body.  Add 10-lbs of muscle (no you won’t swell up like a boy – testosterone is responsible for that) and a woman can burn an extra 600-700 callories per day.  That’s a very high metabolism – which is the rate at which your body burns fuel/calories.  We want the metabolism to be high, burn lots of calories and keep us lean and strong.

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