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Compare Womens Protein

With so many new products popping up, its important to compare women’s protein powder top brands to see how Tiara Protein Powder is superior to the competition!

Brand Main Protein Ingredient Protein Per serving Calories Per serving Carbohydrates Sugar per Serving Fat per Serving
Tiara ProteinTry Tiara Protein Whey Protein Isolate 28 grams 118 ZERO ZERO ZERO
AriaScreen Shot 2014-09-18 at 6.21.10 AM Whey Protein Concentrate 14 grams 80 4 Grams 2 Grams 1 Gram
Delightdelight-protein Whey Protein Concentrate 16 Grams 90 3 Grams 1 Gram 1.5 Grams

Tiara Protein Powder is formulated specifically for women and is the only NO CARB, NO FAT, NO LACTOSE, NO SUGAR, NO ASPARTAME, GLUTEN FREE, LOW CALORIE protein on the market for women today. Not only that but consumer reviews show that it is the best tasting of any of the women’s protein powders! Tiara Protein is also 100% whey protein isolate which is top of the line and has a very high absorption rate in the body, to deliver you the protein you are paying for without fillers or lower quality protein sources blended in.  Sold on

Aria Protein has been around for the longest. Not only does it taste bland and flat, but is made of an inferior “designer whey protein blend” consisting mostly of whey protein concentrate, and it contains carbs, sugar and fat. The creator’s seem to think that by adding the word “designer” into the ingredient list, it can make inferior ingredients appear to be superior.  Aria is cheap in retail cost because it has lower quality ingredients and a lower absorption rate in the body than the more pure and more expensive whey protein isolate.

Delight This protein is relatively new to the market. It is slightly better than Aria but still contains inferior whey protein concentrate as its primary ingredient as well as having carbs, sugar and fat. Not only that, it tastes worse than Aria according to women’s protein consumers.

As a general rule you usually get what you pay for, and if a supplement is much cheaper than others there is usually a very good reason. Many manufacturers cut corners on ingredient quality to save money and instead invest the money into hyped up marketing.

Tiara Cameron, Over 40, Fitness Lifestyle Expert, Mother of 3, Model, Author, Speaker, Athlete and formulator of Tiara Protein Powder for women. After years of experience I transforming her own body and many other women around the world with high protein consumption and proper training methods, Tiara noticed a glaring lack of a quality protein supplement for women in the marketplace.

She spent 6 years and hundreds of hours working on formulating a product for women that was of the highest quality and tastes amazing! Tiara Protein Powder has been an incredible success and women in North America regularly have it shipped to their door every month while they achieve the best body they’ve ever had through a high protein diet and proper training.