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Core Fitness – Complete Core Fitness

Your core is more than just your abs.  To achieve complete core fitness, you need to train your entire torso. Exercises that are weight bearing or a strain on your muscles is the ticket to strength and conditioning.  Total core fitness involves working upper, middle and lower abdominal muscles, as well as the side lateral muscles.  It involves the lower back and the glutes (rear end).

Tiara Cameron Tiara Cameron plane

Core strength is in your whole midsection

My headstand core hold on a private jet
at 36,000 feet during turbulence 😉

I have often said that if you don’t have time for a full workout, just spending 15 minutes on your core by doing planks, crunches and other body weight exercises, can make a huge impact on your fitness level.  One of my favorite core exercises to do in a gym is crunching a free weight (or dumbbell) while laying back on an exercise ball.  Here is more on the core:


Complete Core Fitness in the Gym or at Home

Women really need versatility in workouts in order to get the best fitness results.

Our body’s core includes not only the abdominal muscles but the muscles on the pelvic floor, those attached to the hip bones and spine as well.  The first step is in understanding that a strong core ensures distributed weight bearing and alleviating any burdens on the lower spine.  Whenever you feel back pain there is generally a weakness.  By strengthening the core I have helped many people eliminate their back pain.

Complete core fitness can be achieved, in a gym, at home, in a yoga or pilates studio…there are many places to go to help strengthen the core.

As with any training or workout, I strongly recommend the proper protein intake.  Not only will you achieve results up to 3 times faster, but the protein will assist in building lean core muscle and in muscle recovery and repair.

There are a variety of exercises included most core fitness routines generally including pushups, squats, hip lifts, oblique twists, lunging twists etc, to name a few. While some core exercises can be effectively done without any guidance or with equipment available at core fitness studios or gyms, others need expert supervision for maximum results. For ideas on how to achieve complete core fitness view my free core workout videos.