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Consume Few Calories Lose Weight Fast?

Fit Body WomenIn my teens and 20s I was conditioned to believe that all I had to do was lower my calories lose weight fast and I could tighten up my figure.  Starve yourself skinny. . . it seems obvious right?  You just eat less and you get smaller.  Well that would be fine if skinny with no muscle tone actually was your best look. . .or if that was the healthiest way to control your figure.  It’s not.

Calories lose weight – in the worst way. . .

In fact, consuming too few calories triggers a protective body response commonly called Starvation Mode which has a detrimental effect on your body and health.  To varying degrees your body will cannibalize itself trying to fuel itself by burning your stored energy then muscle.  It will also hold onto all the fat and calories it can to conserve them.  It will slow down your metabolism!  Not what you want.  Body mass will reduce in the worst ways, and in extreme cases organ failure can occur after several weeks of denying your body the nutrients it needs.  Your body will be jiggly and not tight, even if you are thin. Cellulite will not go away.

Whether you like it or not, your body requires calories, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals to operate.  If you fail to provide your body with the nutrients it needs, it will rob them from itself.  Does it make sense that a body robbed of proper nutrients will look its best, while lacking in muscle tone as well as mental and physical energy?  No Way!

If you are calorie deficient over a long period of time you may cause permanent damage to your bodies and organs that may not manifest itself until later. In my opinion, conuming under 1,000-calories per day for most people is unhealthy.  I consume 1,800-2,000/calories per day in protein and nutrient dense foods.  I have low body fat, I’m strong, have energy and bone scans show I have the bones of a 24-year old. . . not a 40-ish woman.  Plus I feel great!

Reduce calories lose weight?  Not the right way – unhealthy is never beautiful

If you want to look your best and achieve you Best Body — a tight, toned body and rear end, reduced cellulite, strong bones, beautiful skin, and the optimal health -get fit the right way!  Weights and Protein!  Being scrawny and skinny is not the most beautiful look, nor does it feel very good to have low energy.  Health is beautiful, whatever your body style, age or height.

Burn calories – lose weight the right way. . .

We need to eat regularly, to fuel our bodies properly.


After having three children, I could no longer coast off my youthful metabolism as I had when I was younger.  I looked around and discovered the best bodies in the world are athletes’ bodies!  Those are beautiful healthy bodies.  Athletes can “do great things” with their bodies, and they look it! They are strong, lean bodies and they get to eat!  I didn’t want to consume 12,000 calories a day like Michael Phelps did while training for the Olympics, but I wanted to find my Best Body!  Both in looks and health.

1 pound of muscle burns approximately 60-70 calories per day, so people with muscle are constantly burning calories. . .even at night!  My elliptical machine can’t do that while I’m sleeping.  Building lean muscle is the key to permanent weight loss.

Check out the body of a beach volleyball player.  Her body can “do” great things, therefore it looks great.  She looks healthy, fit and has increased her lean muscle mass, bone density and energy level by eating what her body needs and exercising. Her body is well-conditioned and she has a strong circulation and cardiovascular system, as well as a reduced risk of injuries.  She’s a super hero!  That’s what I decided to become.

Calories lose weight – but you won’t look good without Lean Muscle