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Corporate Wellness

Presentations By Tiara Cameron and Company

The rising yearly costs to organizations big and small of health care, disability and sick time have more companies than ever before providing Corporate Wellness Programs to Employees to help control costs, implement a preventative approach and provide long-term positive benefits.

By encouraging employees to make healthier choices and make incremental changes in their nutrition and exercise plans, we help reduce the expense of health care costs (which are rising on average 13% annually).  Employee sick time costs companies on average just over $600 per person, per year.  According to Chapman, Larry in Proof Positive: An Analysis of the Cost-Effectiveness of Worksite Wellness , Sixth Edition, 2007, a 25% reduction in those costs has been demonstrated in studies with companies utilizing an effective Wellness Program.

We have a basic wellness offering of a single Visit Wellness Presentation with just Tiara herself, to a Monthly Wellness Visits with Tiara, Nutritionists, Yoga experts and more, implementing and tracking progress. We also offer a Retainer Program, where you can access Tiara’s expertise on an ongoing contract to improve the effectiveness of your own Company’s wellness program.

The focus of our wellness program is to:

  1. Increase the amount of exercise individuals perform per week, and improve the effectiveness of that exercise by providing guidance on the most effective types
  2. Help individuals make better choices with their diets and improve their nutrient timing
  3. Encourage a reduction of alcohol consumption
  4. Encourage an elimination of smoking and tobacco use

health checkTiara has presented to large and small companies, men and women’s groups as well as customized programs specifically for women re-entering the workplace after childbirth, and helped magnify the results of existing Corporate Wellness Programs by achieving greater results in a more efficient timeframe.

Health care costs doubled per capita from 1993 to 2013 according to the Wall Street Journal.  The effect Organizations have seen the effects of

The CDC cites 34.9% of adults in the U.S. are obese, which markedly increases the risk of heart fitness GLOBEdisease, diabetes, strokes and certain kinds of cancer and depression among other things.  Making incremental improvements in diet and exercise frequency and type of exercise have a positive effect on health, mood and energy levels, according to studies.

Whether or not your organization already has a wellness program in place, our presentations can enhance whatever wellness efforts you have in place, or initiate the first wellness efforts your organization is making.  Many companies without full wellness programs have begun to implement the small changes that have proven to be very effective in reduction of employee sick times including installing antibacterial dispensers throughout workplaces, providing incentives for employees to complete a yearly physical with their health provider and providing subsidized gym memberships.

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