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Daily Workout Schedules

One of the most frequent questions I am asked by women are those about my daily workout schedules.  I have always found it helpful to be organized in general in life, and it is no exception with my workouts.  As the working single mother of three active children, I schedule my workout times each week and I also create daily schedules for myself based on the body part I am working.

I am in the gym about 4-5 days per week and I try to spend at least one day outside doing something physical and fun with my family.  If ever I am unable to make it to the gym, I do a workout at home, or wherever I am, ranging from 15-minutes to 30-minutes. This is an example of my daily workout schedule for the week:

Click on the pictures below to view each of the specific exercises I do for each body part:


Arms Workouts Shoulders Workouts Streching Training Abs and Core Workouts


Legs and Glutes Workouts Abs and Core Workouts Streching Exercises


Back Workouts Abs/Core Exercises Streching Excercises


Chest Workouts Abs/Core Training Streching Workouts


Outdoor Activities

Daily Workout Schedules – The importance of Daily Core Fitness

You will notice from my workout schedule that I do core fitness/abs every day that I work out.  I also try to stretch for a few minutes every day.  While the other body parts I hit hard in a once-per week workout, my core is the one part of my body I work every time.  I do a variety of different exercises for abs and core, and usually spend 10 minutes or so on it, but I do fit that in every workout.

Check out my workout VIDEOS

Check out my workout VIDEOS

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See what I eat every week

See what I eat every week

Daily Schedules – Vary Your Workouts
If I had a nickel for every time a woman told me she was “bored” with her workout routine.  Besides increasing my protein intake, variety in my workouts has been the big key to my success at achieving a lifestyle that allows me to maintain a high level of physical fitness.

Daily Schedules – How long are the workouts?
My workouts are usually the following lengths:

Shoulders and Arms – 45 minutes
Legs – 1-hour
Back – 50 minutes
Chest – 45 minutes

Add to that 10 minutes of core/abs and 10-15 minutes of stretching.  You will feel great!

A comprehensive workout schedule will help you exercise every part of your body evenly. Good daily workout schedules concentrate on different muscles of the body including the chest, back, shoulders, legs, abdominal muscles, triceps, biceps and so on. These routines also lay specific stress on different muscles with upper ab workout, upper and lower ab workout, calf work out and so on. They also concentrate on cardiovascular exercises which you will achieve through short rest breaks in your  weight and resistance training sets, without ever having to get on a treadmill.

Tiara with Ball

Depending on your fitness goals, you have to decide on the schedule that works for you, then stick to it. If you are a professional with very little time for fitness and are basically looking to maintain your physique, you can workout as little as 3-day per week.

A goal for daily schedules that will improve your level of fitness much faster is to workout 4-5 times per week. You need to categorize your workout accordingly so you work every muscle group, once every week.   I never recommend working out 7 days per week.  I believe your body needs at least one if not 2 days of rest per week, if you are training as hard as you need to on the days you workout.  Having a high protein intake will help your muscle repair themselves and become denser and tighter, maximizing the results of your workouts.  View my selection of Tiara Protein Powder that I created just for Women.

Scheduling your workouts gives you the chance to concentrate on each group of muscles with intensity. This routine gives each muscle group the ability to develop to its full potential. The routine also gives muscles the required time to rest and rejuvenate from the workout.

What If You Are Traveling?

Here’s a simple workout routine you can do on the road – at the hotel gym, at the airport – even in a local park!