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Egg Protein – Egg Protein Facts

Egg protein facts: A fantastic source of Protein

Most of our body fabric is composed of proteins. For example, our muscles, hair, ligaments, skin and cartilage etc. are all made of proteins.  Proteins are complex molecules with high molecular weight containing amino acid chains. This simply means that our regular diet must be high in protein content to maintain the best health. There are number of ingredients that contain protein and eggs are one of the best natural sources. They contain high amounts of protein. Eggs are also an easily available and economical source of protein.  They are also considered to be a “complete protein”.

Egg protein facts: Nutritional Content

Egg Protein is rich in protein nutrition. It contains all the essential amino acids that are required by our body. Egg contains an egg yolk and egg white. Total protein content in one egg is about 6 grams. Of this about 3.6 grams is present in the egg white and remaining in the egg yolk. They also contain other nutrients like vitamins and minerals in abundance. Egg white protein is a fantastic protein supplement for those looking to build lean muscle and lose body fat because it is fat free protein supplement. The fat is contained in the egg yolk. Egg contains about 212 grams of cholesterol.

Egg White Protein Content – Raw or Cooked eggs?

Either!  The nutrients on eggs really don’t diminish in their value during cooking, so whether you add them raw to a protein shake or cook them in a pan, they are a healthy choice to eat.  I remind myself of this fact when I’m eating delicious chocolate frozen custard made with raw eggs. (wink) The downside to raw eggs is the risk of salmonella bacteria that can make you really sick, although that risk is fairly small.  Proper cooking does destroy the salmonella bacteria.

Egg protein is considered to be almost fat free. Egg protein supplements come in several types:

Egg protein: Part of a healthy diet
Egg ProteinMy children and I eat eggs for breakfast every day.  We usually consume about 4 dozen eggs per week.  The children prefer hard boiled eggs, while I typically fry them over-easy in the pan on the stove sprayed with Pam Cooking Spray. Cooking does not alter the nutrient content of eggs. In fact, cooked eggs are easy to digest. I add egg protein powder supplements to protein shakes I make in the blender as well as to pancake mix.

Egg protein facts:

Whether you choose whole egg, raw egg or boiled or in any form, eggs still remains a fantastic source of protein. Eggs and egg protein supplements are widely recommended by many dieticians as part of a healthy diet.

Refrigerate Eggs or Not?

According to Vincent Guyonnet, a poultry veterinarian and scientific adviser to the International Egg Commission, “They are different approaches to basically achieve the same result. We don’t have massive [food safety] issues on either side of the Atlantic. Both methods seem to work.”  On average eggs stay fresh for 50-days in the refrigerator and for 21 days outside the refrigerator.  In Europe and Asia it is common to keep eggs in a basket on the kitchen counter.

Note from Tiara Cameron: Fitness Model, Mom, Author, Athlete:

I eat a lot of eggs every week and they are a great source of protein.  I also supplement with whey protein powder which is also a “complete protein” and a fantastic protein supplement alternative.  It has been the key for me to lose the weight I gained from having 3 babies and keep it off.