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Exercises for Women

This Free Online Library of lots of exercises for women (men can do them too) .  Many of them you can do without equipment.  I developed this Library for those who want to workout in their homes, office, when traveling, or wherever!

Just click on the body part you want to exercise to see all your options!

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Sometimes all we need are more ideas for exercises.  This growing library is a good source to use when you run out of ideas.  Either select  handful of exercises to alternate for a full workout, or pick one to add into your workout routine or in a free 10-minutes you might have during the day.  Every effort counts!!

This Library of Exercises it also a great source you are just getting started with regular exercise or if you are looking for exercises that you can begin on an easy level and gradually advance to ones that re tougher. I have found that the best conditioning of your body occurs when you have a wide variety of exercises you perform.

Performing exercises with short breaks in between can get you the cardio benefits at the same time you get the “building lean muscle” benefits. Training that was will help you cut down the amount of time you spend working out and will focus you on the activities that make the biggest difference!