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Womens Total Fitness – Fitness Total Womens

To achieve the best fitness total womens gyms are unnecessary. Are you looking for a “TOTAL” fitness regime? While I do believe women need to train differently from men in many way, there is no need for a womens only gym or facility.

In my early 30’s, having had three children, gained pounds that weren’t going away easily, I had friends swearing by every fitness solution under the sun. “It’s all about pilates”…”Its all about yoga”…”Its all about running”…”It’s all about roller blading”…

Tiara Cameron - Owner of Womnes-Protein.comWhat was the answer? Was there ONE activity better than all the others? When I looked around to find the best bodies to emulate, they were athletes. People who took fitness and coordination to the next level. People who had bodies that were fully conditioned, not just parts of them. All of the aforementioned acivities my friends suggested have benefits, but the key to having a really fit body that can DO exceptional things and therefore LOOK exceptional is varied high-intesity training.

You have to work all the different parts of your body HARD and in a variety of ways. Therefore, choosing a variety of physical activities and/or changing up your gym training continually will give you the best results in fitness total womens fitness!

Tiara CameronTotal fitness means training your WHOLE body…not just the same few parts over and over. I practice what I preach. My 4 – 5 day per week gym session are different every time. In a 2-month period I’ll never have a training session that is the same as another. IN ADDITION, I try to learn at least one new outdoor physical activity per year. This year I’m learning two: kite surfing and stand-up paddle boarding.

I live by the ocean I’d better make the most of it! Wherever you live, expend your horizons and try some new outdoor activities, even ones you never thought of doing before. The variety of physical activity will help your body to feel its best.

In fitness total womens gyms or programs may help to motivate those who need a friend doing activities with them to help push them along. By varying your activities and changing your workouts, it will reduce the chance you will get bored and lose interest. The challenge is to have a LIFESTYLE consistently full of physical activity.

With my own fitness total womens plans or classes never held my interest. Once I became comfortable with some of the equipment at the gym, I would try to vary my workout routine by adding in a machine or an activity I saw someone else at the gym trying. If it looked challenging I tried it.

One day I saw a woman in her early twenties jump up and do 10 unassisted pull-ups. I’d never seen a woman do that before in the gym! I decided if she could do it then so could I. Later that week I jumped up to see how many pull-ups I could do. I was dismayed to discover I could barely do one.

However, at the beginning of every workout day from then on, I would jump up when I was fresh and see how many I could do. The number slowly increased until I could jump up and do 10 pull-ups, rest for 30 seconds, jump up and do another set of 10, rest 30 seconds then 6 more for the third set. I’m still working on it, but my upper body has never felt more sexy and feminine.

Challenge yourself! The fitness total women way!