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What is Your Fitspo?

The last 2 reps . . . the last 2 inches to get to the floor . . . the last 2 seconds in your plank . . . sometimes it’s hard to dig for the strength to get there. When you’re looking for your fitness inspiration, you’re looking for Fitspo. Usually it’s a photo but it can also be a quote, a person, an idea . . . whatever inspires you to improve your fitness level, THAT is your Fitspo!

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Let’s face it: most people need a little inspiration and motivation at some point in their lives when it come to fitness.  Some days it’s cold, it’s raining, you’re feeling under the weather . . . hey, we’ve all been there. Building lean muscle and increasing your protein intake takes hard work and commitment, and on the toughest days we all need a little help. is designed to be your Fitspo!  It is full of motivation, testimonials, pictures, videos and information on how and why you can transform your body quickly.

Remember, it’s not about getting thin and depleted, it’s about getting strong, and tight, and powerful. Gather images and words that motivate you and create your own collection of fitspo to look to when you need to make your body listen to your head.

Share the pages of that inspire you with friends and family.  Post them to your social media.


Other sources of Fitspo can be found all over the Internet at websites like Facebook and Pinterest.  Magazines, TV and friends are other great sources to find your inspiration.

Abs FitspoYour fitness inspiration may not be sexy Fitspo but rather a before and after picture of someone who has achieved better health and a better body.  It might be refusing to accept failure, it may be the joy of pushing past your limits. It might be an image of someone achieving an amazing physique like the woman to the left. It might be a quote or a mantra. I am inspired by the energy and dedication of women, who when focused on the right things, can make full body transformations that stay for life!  That’s what aims to promote.

By uplifting and motivating each other, women can achieve far more than on their own.  Join us in sharing your motivational quotes and image, and fuel your own inspiration with our Facebook Fan Page