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A Look at Gastric Bypass High Protein Foods & Supplements

After a gastric bypass high protein foods are essential for recovery and maintaining muscle health. This is a procedure that many people throughout the world elect to have. Protein malnutrition is a real risk, as are other nutritional deficiencies after such a surgery. After surgery is completed, it takes only a small amount of food to make you feel full. Eating too much can cause discomfort.

It can be a challenge to consume enough protein to give your body optimal performance, when one can only eat a small amount of food in one sitting. Protein will keep you feeling fuller longer since it takes your body longer to break it down in the stomach than other types of foods like carbohydrates. Your body needs a balance of all food groups, but protein is very important for your body.  People recovering from injuries or from surgery are frequently suggested to have an increase win their protein consumption by their doctors, to aid in recovery.

Yellow-fin tuna provides about eight grams of protein per ounce. You should be able to eat a three-ounce serving without feeling uncomfortable. That would give you about 24 grams of proteins.

Cheese is another good choice, but not all cheeses are the same. Low sodium parmesan contains about 41 grams of protein per four ounce serving. Romano, mozzarella and Swiss provide 29 grams on average per four ounces.

The only concern about cheese is the saturated fat it contains; so just make sure to check the nutritional information. Excessive saturated fat in the diet increases the risk of heart disease, even when excessive calories are not consumed.

For gastric bypass recovery protein drinks are also good choice to help with proper nutrition. They are called bariatric drinks. The phrase “bariatric” refers to any of the surgeries used for weight loss.

Nestle and other food companies make bariatric protein drinks. They are relatively easy to find on the Internet, but not all stores carry them since they are specialty items. You might not be able to find them in your local grocery store.

Other protein supplements can also work for you. You can add the powders to cereal or fruit smoothies. Basically the powders can be added to anything that you eat to increase the protein-content and your intake of these important nutrients.

Not all of the supplements on the market are advertised as weight loss surgery protein drinks. Your doctor may have specific suggestions regarding which brand to choose or concerning exactly how many grams you should try to get each day.

You really have lots of choices for gastric bypass high protein foods. It may take a little experimentation to get the serving sizes right, but it is not too hard to find out how many grams a serving provides.