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Glutamine side effects

Smiling Fitness ModelGlutamine side effects are beneficial to learn more about, as well as glutamine benefits.  Many of the body functions are served greatly by a wonderful supplement termed as L Glutamine, an amino acid. In the human body the immune system gets bolstered and fat gets burned off faster with L Glutamine. Individuals taking sufficient doses of this amino acid are known to have increased brain function and be more alert, which are positive Glutamine side effects. It is usually taken as “brain food” which is an important reason why levels of alertness as well as sharpness are increased.

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Maintaining adequate Glutamine quantities in the body:

If L Glutamine is present in the body in adequate quantities then it certainly proves to be beneficial for the body. The problem arises when the quantity of this amino acid increases to very high levels which can also leads to negative side effects of glutamine as well. L Glutamine can have an adverse effect when it is taken in excess and hence it is very necessary to take the right dose only.
Not much is known about the effects of excessive glutamine intake, but if you suspect you have taken too much seek medical attention.  Theoretically it is possible for there to be negative effects on the brain from too much ammonia and glutamate.  Glutamate is a chemical in the brain and excessive amount of it could possible cause a seizure.  If ammonia levels get too high encephalopathy could possibly develop.

Many other supplements that are great for health conscious people to consume, like creatine and whey protein, also need to be taken in adequate quantities. In case an individual suffers from a disease of the liver then this amino acid called L Glutamine should be consumes only under a doctor’s supervision to avoid any negative Glutamine side effects.

Glutamine Side effects vary from one individual to another:

Side effects of a glutamine deficiency will vary from one individual to another. The general constituency of the individual in question is greatly dependent on whether there will be side effects on L Glutamine consumption or not. In almost every individual the mix of minerals and vitamins essential for the body are different. Balance of chemicals in the body start getting altered when L Glutamine is taken and it is due to this that this amino acid has the potential of having different kinds of results in various individuals. Some individuals may feel filled with energy after L Glutamine intake while the others could feel sleepy and tired. Diarrhea can also be one of the negative Glutamine side effects in some of the cases when glutamine is consumed in excess.

Dosage of L Glutamine can be lowered to rectify the in an individual. Experts in the medical field recommend that about 500 mg to 4000 mg of this amino acid is enough for consumption and optimal benefit. This amino acid occurs in a natural form in the human body and there shouldn’t be any kind of negative effects in this case.

Glutamine chewables are the type of glutamine supplement my family eats every day.  The children of the grape flavor and they are easy and convenient to keep in the car as well.