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GNC Total Lean Lean Shake - Swiss Chocolate/Vanilla Bean/Strawberries and Cream

GNC Total Lean™ Lean Shake™ – Swiss Chocolate

Met RX Protein Drink  

GNC Total Lean™ Lean Shake™ – Vanilla Bean

Met RX Protein Drink  

GNC Total Lean™ Lean Shake™ – Strawberries & Cream

Met RX Protein Drink  
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  • A Tiara Favorite!
  • 25 grams of high quality protein!
  • 170 calories!
  • 24 vitamins and minerals!
  • Lactose free!

Message from Tiara: I highly recommend this drink due to its great taste, economic price and low calorie count.  The GNC lean shake is absolutely delicious.  I drink the GNC Lean Shake on my way to drop off the children at school.  Usually I’m sharing it with the children on the way in the car.  The children think it takes like delicious chocolate milk.  Although we have a healthy breakfast before we leave home in the morning, the GNC protein shakes enhance the nutrients we consume in the morning and make a great start to our days.  I recommend drinking the shakes chilled in the refrigerator, although they are still tasty when consumes at room temperature.  Another favorite way to drink the GNC totally Lean shake is to pour it over ice in a glass.  Delicious and refreshing!  I love Strawberries and Cream in the morning and Chocolate in the late afternoon to help diffuse my late-afternoon sugar cravings.


GNC Lean – For health conscious people interested in improving their overall health and adding lean muscle to their bodies, increasing protein consumption is essential.  Although it is frequently a challenge to consume the amount of high quality, low fat protein our bodies need for optimum performance, great tasting protein shakes from GNC are an excelled supplement choice to help you achieve your goals.  Consuming the branched chain amino acids in the GNC protein shakes is beneficial for the body as well.  These shakes make an excellent post-workout recovery drink, proving the carbohydrates the body needs right after a workout, along with the needed protein as well.
Keeping GNC lean on hand at home, at work, school, in your car or at the gym will increase the likelihood that you will consume them more frequently.  The smooth even taste makes them an ideal choice even early in the morning, and it can be extremely beneficial to consume good quality protein before bed to aid in muscle recovery overnight.  The quality of the protein is fantastic and highly absorbable in the body.


GNC Lean Shakes utilize the latest in flavor formulation technology to create an array of delicious flavors.  There is a flavor to suit you any time of the day.  Try them all to find the flavors you like best!

  • Shake well before drinking. Use as a meal replacement or snack. Chill before drinking. Refrigerate after opening.