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Comparing High Protein Pancakes

You can make high protein pancakes by using a pancake mix or a recipe from scratch. They are a delicious way to add protein into your diet. Since protein leaves you feeling full for longer, it’s a great way to get you through the morning~
With the commercially prepared mixes, 3 pancakes provides on average 12 grams of protein compared to a normal pancake recipe made with eggs and milk that provides around 9 grams.

There are many choices for high protein pancakes and for a busy family with children, they are a great breakfast menu item. The mixes have a long shelf life. So, it makes sense to buy the larger container even if you only make them once a week.

For families with a food budget, price is always something to compare. The mixes for high protein pancakes range in price from $14 to $30. When you compare prices, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. A two-pound container will cost more than a one-pound container but the price per pound is usually less when you buy more.

The source of the added protein in high protein pancakes is another point to compare. Whey protein is a better source than soy because soy is less digestible. You also have to consider any personal food allergies or sensitivities. Soy is a common allergen.

Many of my clients have transformed their bodies by adding more protein on their menus and by exercising the right way. Protein can help the body build lean muscle, which in turn burns calories and body fat.