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How Do I Get Toned

Stop Asking How Do I Get Skinny.

Start Asking How Do I Get Toned!

As women, one of the biggest barriers to achieving the bodies we want is that we don’t know what it is we’re really looking for. We see a woman who is smaller than us, and our instinct is to ask “How do I get skinny.” But the key to getting an amazing body is to actually start asking instead: “How do I get toned?”

You see, the best bodies in the world – the ones that look great and radiate confidence and make heads turn – aren’t super-skinny, poor-postured, completely depleted waif-model forms. It’s the luscious, full, in-your-face booty and thighs and arms of volleyball players and ballroom dancers and gymnasts. The kind of women who saunter into a room and command attention just by the amount of presence and space they take up. Strong. Lean. Powerful.

Watch this video of my girlfriend Zoraya Judd. She’s a professional pole fitness athlete. Do you think she’s worried about the size of her tush? Trust me – it never crosses her mind. She worries about having the strength to perform these incredible aerial feats. She wants to know how to get toned and fit and strong so that she can fly. She is empowered.

I want you to be empowered, too. I want you to stop picturing yourself as skinny, and start picturing yourself as an athlete. Someone who trains their body so they can do things they never thought they could. Someone who embraces life and truly lives. I don’t want you to live in fear of a candy bar showing up on your thigh: I want you to push your body to become a fat-burning furnace that devours that candy bar the minute you eat it. I want you to cross the chasm between stuck-on-a-treadmill-for-life and someone who challenges her body because she can.

How do I get toned? How do I make my body do everything I want it to do? Simple. I use exercise to tear my muscles apart, and I use protein to build them back up, stronger than ever. +2. Exercise + Protein. I don’t live at the gym; I don’t regretfully avoid eating a hot, fresh baguette . . . I count on my +2 to get me everywhere I want to be.

Can any woman do what I did? If you use Tiara Protein Powder and life weights you can!