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Your Lose Weight Calculator: Build Your Ideal Body Without Starving Yourself

Lean ModelFeel like you are in need of a lose weight calculator to help guide you to a better body with less body fat? There are several different “calculators” on the market to calculate fitness and I have listed a few below.

But before you click on one of them, let’s talk about your goals.

It is crucial to note that “Losing Weight” is not the same thing as “Losing Fat”.

If you stopped eating, you would lose total body mass. You would throw your body into a dangerous and unhealthy “starvation mode” in which the body would cannibalize itself and you would lose muscle and fat and tax your body. Does that sound beautiful? No way! Getting in too few calories will leave your body looking, saggy, flabby and unhealthy.

In my years as a personal trainer, I have never met a woman who wants to be little but saggy – we all want to be tight and toned like we were as teenagers. Weight doesn’t give us a very good indication of tightness though. To see what I mean, try any of these calculators. You’ll get a huge range of suggested pounds – but no way to get tight.

Calculate Body Fat
– Military Body Fat Calculator
Hydrostatic Body Fat Test
How to Lose Body Fat

These are interesting numbers to look at, for sure, and they likely give you a general idea of what your ideal weight should be. But to lose weight, you need understand your own body.

A basic “lose weight calculator” is a formula you can do on a piece of paper yourself. It’s simple: track the amount of calories you eat in a day and determine your total for the day. Then calculate your BMR. Your BMR is your “Basal Metabolic Rate”, or the minimum amount of calories your body needs to function in a day (ex: sleeping, breathing, regulating your temperature, keeping your heart beating, etc.)

The basic BMR estimate is taking your current weight and multiplying it by 10. For example, if you weigh 145lbs, your minimum calorie intake should be 1,450 per day.

If you fall below that, your body will hold onto your calories and fat and your metabolism will slow. Not what we want! The lose weight calculator must include calories for exercise also.

If you engage in exercise or physical activity, you MUST increase your calorie intake to provide your body with the appropriate amount of fuel.

  • Add 20% more calories if you sit most of the day at a desk
  • Add 37.5% more calories if you are “Lightly Active” and walking around a lot
  • Add 40% more calories if you are “Active” and have average exercise sessions
  • Add 50%+ more calories if you engage in heavy long-term exercise.

Contrary to what a lot of women believe, the best way to lose weight and transform your body into a beautiful healthy one is to build lean muscle and eat regularly! Especially protein!!

You absolutely need to lose fat in order to reveal a tighter, more toned version of yourself, but starving yourself is NOT the answer.

For personalized help with your exercise and nutrition plan, contact me DIRECTLY to be your lose weight calculator coach!