International Fitness Model & Creator of Tiara Protein Powder

Losing Body Fat For Good

Flat Belly WomenLosing body fat seems to be one of the great mysteries of life. How is it actually accomplished?  Is it in actuality only a temporary achievement that people who are willing to go to extremes can achieve?

I lost 50 pounds of body fat after having three children and have maintained it for years. I maintain my body fat through all of life’s ups and downs; Thanksgiving dinner, while traveling, through moves, through divorce, through stress and happiness.

My message to you is simple: losing body fat can be permanent…and I can tell you how to achieve it.

My full story, diet and exercise plans can be found in The Tiara Transformation System, but I will give you the short answer here: getting rid of it quickly, in a healthy way, and maintaining it is achieved by building lean muscle and high protein consumption.

Wondering how I burn fat at Thanksgiving Dinner? Read “Fat & Your Waist

Lean muscle keeps burning calories and fat while I’m sitting at Thanksgiving dinner, while I am traveling on an airplane and even when I’m sleeping!  Get your treadmill to do that!

Get off the treadmill and start living. . .

Like many women I believed for years that the key to losing body fat was doing hours of cardio and or cutting my calories down as low as I could. Both of those things are the wrong approach and won’t deliver you your best body, your healthiest body or the sustainability to make it last a lifetime.

Instead of trying to manually burn my body fat on cardio equipment, I built lean muscle to burn it for me instead. That lean muscle burns fat all day and all night at a much higher rate than I ever could on a treadmill and I have helped many women transform their bodies with this simple fact.

Since muscle is made up of protein, one of the most important parts of the process is supplementing your diet with high quality protein supplements. No matter what your age, occupation or schedule, there are a wide variety of protein supplements that can help you achieve your best body in the fastest and healthiest way.  I developed Tiara Protein Powder specifically for women.  Low calorie and great tasting, it’s the fastest way I found to achieve and maintain low body fat.

Add resistance training and weight training to a high protein diet and you have the recipe for losing body fat and empowering yourself for life!