The Military Body Fat Calculator is one of the most widely respected and utilized body fat calculating methods.  It is very important to know the percentage of your body fat as well as the ideal percentage of body fat that is generally recommended.

Having a great body does not mean that you have a healthy body. Looking great is the impact of healthy body that has an optimal body fat percentage. The basic method to measuring body fat is by determining body mass.

Men and women have different ideal percentages of body fat. The recommended body fat percentage for men falls within 12% to 18%. The recommended body fat percentage for woman falls between the range 19% to 25%.

It is the goal of most health conscious people to maintain health levels of body fat long-term to prevent stress on the body and other weight related health problems.  The Tiara Transformation System spells out in detail how I achieved low body fat and kept it off.

Keeping tabs on your body fat using the military body fat calculator so that you will find where you are in terms of fat and what level you need to achieve. Calculate your body fat online with military body fats calculating machine.

Using a military body fat calculator may be a good start for Buttonkeeping tabs on your body fat, but what are some of the things that can be done if you determine your body fat is higher that optimal levels.

  1. Increase your activity level – Exercise more and learn new workouts you can do at home or outside Buttonto keep your interest
  2. Increase protein intake – Protein is the building block of muscle, and you need it to build and maintain new muscle.  Protein Supplements are the most convenient way to get additional protein into your diet.
  3. Be more aware of diet – By paying closer attention to what you put into your body, you can make Buy Protein Online - Protein Storeincremental changes in your diet that will have a hug effect over time.  Reducing fried foods, salt, sugar-filled foods will help to improve your health over time.
  4. Nutrient Timing – Try not to go more than 2 hours without eating something, long spans between food intake means your amino acid levels will drop.  It is better for your body to eat many small meals than 2 or 3 large ones.  The goal is to continually fuel your body with nutrient dense foods to maintain optimal health.

The calculations of military body fat calculator are based on the circumference method that is developed by the military (US army and US navy). These methods are developed for estimating the percentage of body fat.


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Military Body Fat Calculator:
Male – BF%=495/(1.0324-0.19077(log(w-n))+0.15456(log(h)))-450
Female – BF%=495/(1.29579-0.35004(log(w+h-n))+0.22100(log(h)))-450
Variables – n=neck, h=height, w=waist, h=hips

To measure your neck, place the tape at the narrowest point of the neck and sloping down slightly to the front. The waist for female should be measured above the belly button, at the narrowest level. For men the waist is measured at the level of belly button. The hips are measured with the widest circumference only for women. By providing every measurement three times helps to judge the average measurement of neck, hips and waist and helps to calculate body fat.