International Fitness Model & Creator of Tiara Protein Powder

Tiara’s 20-Minute Simple Workout

In need of a simple workout for the upper body that you can do in 20-minutes? This is a workout using bands that I do at home, in airports, hotels, outside, in the gym . . . anywhere! All you need is a set of exercise bands!

Step 1: 4 Sets of Bicep Curls – do 12 reps each

Tiara Doing ExerciseBicep curls release

Step 2: 4 Sets of Tricep Push-Backs – do 12 reps each

Tricep pushbacks

Step 3: 4 sets of arm lifts (palms down) – do 12 reps each

Arm lifts (palms down

Step 4: 4 sets of shoulder stretch-back lifts – do 12 reps each

Shoulder stretch back lifts

To have a simple workout available to you at any time, wherever you are, will eliminate a day where you feel like you can’t workout because you are too busy. Squeeze this 20-minute arm blast anywhere into your day and you’ll feel much better for it!

As a 40-ish year old working mother of 3, finding ways I could workout during the chaos of my days was essential in order for me to maintain my fitness level. It’s also helpful to be able to do full workouts on each of my body parts with minimal equipment. Exercise bands fit the bill…and the budget!! You’ll be amazed if you really push the limits with these bands to fatigue your muscles, how fast you will begin to get chiseled.

Add protein supplements to your day and you’ll see the results of your training 3 times faster! 20-minutes of resistance training with bands is far more beneficial in shaping your body than spending that same 20-minutes doing cardio. Resistance training and weight training is the “entrée”. Cardio is the “side dish”. Knowing a simple workout you can do for each body part will make the difference between being able to train your body to build the lean muscle you need to reshape it.

I built lean muscle and watched myself lose body fat and get definition I never thought was possible. Visit my Exercise Library to view more exercises you can incorporate into a simple workout to do at home or anywhere.