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I wrote the Tiara Diary eBook as a basic guide to the fitness lifestyle that I live and advocate.  With the phenomenal success of that book I wrote a greatly expanded and more detailed version of my lifestyle with the new Tiara Transformation System . 

Tiara Cameron

  • 40-Year old Mother of 3
  • Corporate Wellness Consultant
  • Fitness Model and Lifestyle Expert
  • Personal Trainer
  • Athlete
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Author


  • MY FULL STORY Learn how I mentally and physically transformed from being an overweight exhausted single Mom to a fit, healthy and empowered advocate for women’s health! Learn about the mistakes I made that you may be making now, and how I corrected them to refocus on things that work!
  • NUTRITION PLAN Read my nutritional advice and food lists. Learn about the steps I took to start the process and see sample diets.
  • EXERCISE LIBRARY Instructions and WORKOUTS Learn how to use my Exercise Library properly to help transform your body faster. Also included full Workouts I crafted
  • LEARN MY WORKOUT TECHNIQUE Learn about my personal exercise technique I call “+2” – the exercise secret that shows you results much faster than traditional workout schedules.


Tiara Cameron Before After


Tiara Cameron Model, Athlete, Mother