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The Tiara Transformation System

The Tiara Transformation System

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TiaraTransformationIf you’ve always wanted to be tight, fit, strong, and sexy, but never seem to get there, no matter what you do, the Tiara Transformation system is for you. It details how I went from flab to fab and you can too! The Tiara Transformation includes a complete diet and exercise program that will change your body – and your life – forever.
keep keep you fat, instead of transforming your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine.

You’ll learn why I threw out my scale forever – and you should too.

You’ll discover exactly what secret combination of foods I discovered that helped me to crack the code and get lean, fit, tight and powerful – without putting on inches or bulking up.

You’ve done the treadmill to death. You’ve eaten low-fat yogurt for breakfast for years. And you still haven’t achieved the look you’re yearning for. Maybe you’re like I was – overweight, overtired, and over the whole idea of ever getting to your best self.

I’m here to tell you that if you follow my system, you’ll be eating more, exercising less, and enjoying life like you used to. Oh, and you’ll be doing it in your skinny jeans, which you won’t have to lie down to do up!

The Tiara Transformation System isn’t a gimmick and it isn’t a quick fix. But it is a powerful strategy that works, as hundreds of women I’ve helped will attest to.

My name is Lindsey Joslyn-Rohner.

LindseyI have always thought of myself as being a healthy eating, active, tall, curvy yet kinda toned girl. My weight has always fluctuated a bit (depending on level of stress or time of month) but I seem to always carry my extra weight well and have never been obsessive when it comes to the scale. Well, that comfortable and complacent self- image was about to get a rude awakening when I saw a series of pictures my husband had taken of me in a bikini. I’m sure the horrified look on my face prompted the “What’s wrong? you’re not fat, you look hot! I like these pictures of you” comments. My husband is very sweet and is constantly complimenting me, I’m a lucky girl. But in that moment, staring at the ugly truth of a bloated belly and chunky thighs, those sweet and reassuring words sounded like white noise. A picture never lies. We all have claimed to have a “good side” and always take into consideration angles and bad lighting. But come on people lets get real! “Yes that is how you really look!” So here I am 30 years old, a non-smoker, working out regularly, eating pretty healthy and drinking lots of water, shouldn’t I look like a Victoria’s Secret angel? Whats the problem? Why do I look like Lindsey’s chubby evil twin?? Lol!

So I started researching online. Reading about fitness plans, different diets, healthy lifestyle blogs, do this, not that…It’s all a little overwhelming. Then I came across the Tiara diary. Initially it was Tiara’s beautiful face and perfectly toned physique that lured me in to pause in envy. But after reading her story I was in. If a 40 year old mother of three can do it then so can I. So thats what I did. I hit the gym with a new plan, started eating clean and incorporated more protein into my diet. It’s been a year since reading the Tiara Diary, i’m still following the healthy eating and work out plan along with adding in a couple days of cardio which usually consists of zumba or hiking with our dogs. Don’t get me wrong I still love pasta with cheese and splurge on the occasional cocktail, i’m not perfect, nobody is. I will never be a size 2 or have a gap between my thighs and thats okay. I eat healthy, I work out, I feel strong and like having curves. The only thing left to do is take some new pics in my bikini;)

Here are the before and afters.

Thanks for sharing your story Tiara! It changed my life.