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What Has Protein?

Fit Women

When you want to increase your lean muscle and lose body fat, knowing what has protein in it can help you increase your daily consumption. For women, it is important to try to keep calories within an optimal range but increase their protein consumption to 1 gram of protein for every pond of body weight.

For instance, if you weight 160 pounds, try to intake 160 grams of high quality protein per day.

How Much Does 30g of Protein Cost?

Food Item Average Price 30g of Protein
Portion Size
Calories for
30g of Protein
Cost for 30g of
1% Milk $2.89/gallon 1 quart 400 $0.72
Whole Lg. Eggs $2.99/dozen 5 eggs 351 $1.50
Chicken Breast $3.10/pound Large
single breast
145 $1.50
Ground Beef $2.99/pound 6 oz. 360 $1.21
Canned Tuna $2.30/can 1 Large Can 135 $2.30
Tilapia $5.80/pound 6 oz. 156 $2.17
Salmon $10.20/pound 6 oz. 301 $3.80
NY Strip Steak $12.80 4 oz. 273 $3.20
Supplement Average Price 30g of Protein
Portion Size
Calories for
30g of Protein
Cost for 30g of
Isopure No Carb
Powder Whey Protein
3-pound container
Just 1 heaping
100 $1.00
Lean Dessert
BSN Powder
1.5 Scoops 190 $2.58
GaspariMyoFusion $64.00
Just 1 heaping
155 $1.10
Muscle Milk Powder $29.00
2.47 pounds
2 Scoops 300 $1.81
Muscle Milk
Light Drink
$3.70 per
1.5 Bottles 240 $5.55
Isopure Zero
Carb Drink
$3.83 per
3/4 of One
120 $2.89 Tiara
GNC 50-Gram
Slam Drink
$3.08 per
3/5 of One
150 $1.85
Myoplex Shake $3.25 per
3/4 of One
225 $2.43
*Prices is US Dollars

Learning what has protein and how much it contains will help you the next time you are shopping at the grocery store or the vitamin store. I recommend consuming “animal based” proteins such as whey protein, meat and eggs. While protein can be absorbed from “plant based” sources such as Soy, the molecular structure of plant based proteins are dissimilar to our own and therefore not as easily absorbed by our bodies. Animal based proteins have a higher absorption rate in the body.

Since lean muscle is made of protein, and lean muscle helps to burn calories and reduce our body fat, it is important to consume the optimum amount of protein and to exercise in order to build and maintain the lean muscle in our bodies.
Protein Supplements provide and convenient and sometimes even a lower calorie option to consuming the protein you need.

Consuming 1 gram of high quality protein per pound of body weight, per day, is recommended to build and maintain lean muscle.