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What Is BMR?

Fitness Model, Mother of 3, Arial Artist TiaraAs a +40 fitness model and healthy lifestyle expert, “What is BMR” is a common question I am asked. BMR is your Basal Metabolic Rate, or the absolute minimum amount of calories your body needs for basic functions like breathing, regulating temperature, heart beating etc. BMR is important to know when you are trying to calculate how much to eat every day.

So often women don’t eat enough when they are trying to lose body fat. They end up doing the opposite and lowering their metabolism by not eating enough. It is important to know how much fuel your body needs to properly function, and calculating your estimated BMR is simple.

BMR Calculation:

BMR = Your body weight (in pounds) x 10
Example, if you weigh 145, multiply it by 10 for an estimated BMI of 1,450

But we’re NOT DONE!

It is crucial to account for your physical activity when determining how many calories you should eat.

  • Generally Inactive = If you sit most of the day add an additional 20% more calories to your daily intake
  • Light Activity = If you walk around a lot of the day, add an additional 37.5% more calories to your diet
  • Moderate Activity = If you workout out regularly add 40% more calories to your daily diet
  • High Activity = If you participate in heavy activity or are active for prolonged periods of time, add 50% more calories to your diet

1 Pound of Fat = 3,500 calories

As a general rule, if you want to lose 1 pound of fat per week, you must burn 500 calories per day more than you are consuming. Many women think they need to burn that “manually” on the treadmill, but that’s not true! Build the lean muscle to burn the fat for you! Even when you are sleeping! Find out why lifting weights will help you lose fat faster than cardio AND help reduce cellulite!

Losing Body Fat and the Protein Connection

Besides not consuming enough calories, the #2 mistake women make is to concentrate on trying to “manually burn” calories, for instance on a treadmill, rather than increase their body’s metabolism to burn more.  Once I learned that by adding lean muscle in my body I could burn far more calories per day then spending hours on the treadmill, it not only changed my body but allowed me a healthy way to keep low body fat year round.  For women, without the muscle building hormone Testosterone that men have, protein becomes becomes even more crucial.  Muscle is made of protein and its also a substance your body uses a lot of to build and repair itself.  That means we need to consume a lot of it every day.  Protein can be consumed in food, but another great low calorie option are protein supplement powders and shakes.  Increasing my protein consumption made such a difference in my life I created a whole fitness lifestyle with protein as the cornerstone.