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What to Do For Cellulite

Fat and slim ButtEver wonder what to do for cellulite deposits you may have on your thighs, rear and hips? This is a problem most women have, including myself even before I had 3 children, so it is important to know what cellulite is and what causes it.

Cellulite is caused by the accumulation of asymmetrical (or dimply) fat underneath your skin. It effects 90% of women, post puberty, when their fat layer in certain areas changes to look like an “orange peel” type of texture instead of smooth. Hormones play a role in the formation of cellulite as well as genetic factors that can predispose women to form cellulite. The more overweight women are, the more likely they are to enlarge their areas of cellulite.

Normal and Fat Skin Difference

What to do for cellulite when you begin to form it?

Most women aren’t surprised to learn that exercise plays significant role in burning fats and calories. Forget about trying to “run it off” on a treadmill or other cardio equipment. Excessive cardio can sometimes make it even more visible. The fast way to reduce cellulite is to build lean muscle. Lean muscle burns a lot of fat and calories and will help reduce your overall body fat stores.

Even women who are lean and healthy struggle with what to do for cellulite deposits. The deposits may be stubborn despite all efforts to rid their bodies of it. I’m not a big believer in cellulite creams however I have had many clients use this cream with success is smoothing their thighs.

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I tried it myself and it does help to smooth out the dimples, but you will definitely see the greatest reduction in cellulite when you convert your body into a fat burning furnace by increasing your lean muscle mass.

Exercises: What to do for Cellulite

Toning and shaping the muscle groups in your “problem areas” will make a significant impact on reducing cellulite. For me, a combination of:


have been the key to reducing my cellulite and reshaping my body. I keep my cardio down to 20-minutes per week, since I get enough cardio development from weight training properly (by taking minimal rest periods between sets).

Diet: What to do for Cellulite

Diet can also be a factor in helping to reduce cellulite. The myth is that if you stop eating and starve yourself your body will burn your fat stores and your cellulite will reduce. By eating a balanced diet and eating regularly, you will have the best metabolism and your body will be conditioned to burn calories and fat all day and all night. Eat a good breakfast every day that includes protein and don’t ever skip meals. Your metabolism slows when meals are skipped and your body starts to conserve its fat and calorie stores instead of burning them – NOT what we want!

Try to stay away from sugary foods as much as you can. Spikes in blood sugar, and therefore insulin, can affect our body’s fat burning ability.