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Womens Health and Fitness Magazines

What womens health and fitness magazines do fitness models themselves read? As a long time fitness model and commercial model, these are the magazines I read that have the very best articles and information about Womens’s Fitness:

I recommend checking out the following Womens Fitness Magazines:

Muscle and Fitness Magazine - ABS Special Shape Magazine - 21 Days to your Best Bikini Body Natural Health - Walk for more energy
Oxygens Magazines - Sculpt Your Abs Fitness magazine 42 core Myths Self Magazine Toned Abs, Butt
Health Eat Your Way Slim Womens health - Shed Two Sizes Fitness Rx - Burn Fat

Women are more conscious than ever about taking care of their health. With all the medical advances being made, women are living longer healthier lives. Womens health and fitness magazines play an important role in informing women of all ages all about fitness, health, aging and beauty. With all the media attention in the past decade to health and fitness studies and developments, an increased number of teenage girls are reading the magazines as well, and writers are catering to that segment of the subscribers as well now.

These magazines are full of great ideas and plans to help you with your diet and exercise goals. They help design your own exercises and a diet plan that suits you and your lifestyle by researching as much information as you can. Womens health and fitness magazines are a great recourses for the lateest information and studies…as is THIS WEBSITE as well! Learn information on how to be a fitness model here!

The magazines subscriptions make a great gift for health conscious women who have little time to read. The articles are “easy quick reads” for when you have a minute to read at home, in the car or on a plane. Whenever I see one of these magazines in a doctor’s office or hair salon, I always grab it and inevitably find something interesting inside.

With regard to the magazine ads, the one thing I caution my clients and friends about would buying into to all the advertising for “magic-pill” products, as I call them. These are products that are touted to be the latest and greatest, giving results at a magically fast pace. With any health and fitness product, supplements, or piece of fitness equipment – do your research before buying. There are definitely “better” products out there, and there are unfortunately products that are a big waste of your time, money and energy. THIS WEBSITE is designed to help weed through the good and bad products and bring all the information to you so you can make educated heath and fitness choices. That being said, the womens health and fitness magazines are helpful and are usually the first place to see cool new fitness products and supplements.

A Womens fitness mag can also be a great recourse for travel ideas, recipes and beauty tips. I am always on the lookout for beautiful destinations that offer a lot of outdoor physical activities.
Pick up womens health and fitness magazines whenever you get a chance to help you keep your focus on healthy eating and exercise ideas. A monthly subscription is also an excellent idea, so you have something coming in once a month with the latest new on how to keep yourself healthy and beautiful.

Also remember to visit this site for the latest articles, research, videos and products!